Take Control of Your Company


You can do anything but not everything! We know that as a small business owner you spend countless hours building a business by promoting your products and services. Do you have the same kind of time to devote to your accounting? Let us help you take control of your company by taking care of all your accounting needs. Your business truly is our passion.



Don’t spend your valuable time trying to do the accounting. This is what we do and we do it well. You need your accounting done correctly so you have accurate numbers in which to produce the very reports that will guide your business.


Many of our clients felt they were on an a business island. No one to bounce off ideas and get helpful feedback. We provide that sounding board and higher level accounting service without the expense of a hiring a CFO. We help guide your business using business analytics tailored to your goals. We often working in direct correlation with an existing business mentor or coach.


“But I have a CPA, I don’t need tax planning”. We hear this statement many times. Your CPA most likely does a great job preparing your taxes. However, preparing and planning are two totally separate things. CPA’s prepare taxes using historical information which is a reactive approach. We provide a comprehensive and proactive approach using current information to create a tax plan saving our clients thousands in taxes.  


We take the stress out of business planning by helping you create a plan based on accurate information. The business plan sets benchmarks and key performance areas to evaluate your progress. It is never too late to start your plan.